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Past Puppies – These puppies are all sold

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th-Angel X Icee

Angel X Icee

th-Angel X Icee2

Angel X Icee

th-Benny – Icee X Remi

Benny - Icee X Remi

th-Buffy X Icee

Buffy X Icee

th-Buffy X Icee2

Buffy X Icee

th-Buffy x Icee3

Buffy x Icee

th-Buffy X Rumbles

Buffy X Rumbles

th-Cameron x Icee

Cameron x Icee

th-Diamond X Icee

Diamond X Icee

th-Dimy x Icee

Dimy x Icee

th-Happy x Aspen

Happy x Aspen

th-Happy x Aspen3

Happy x Aspen

th-Happy x Rumbles

Happy x Rumbles

th-Icee X Lisa

Icee X Lisa

th-Kim with Diamonds X Icee

Kim with Diamonds X Icee

th-Lana X Aspen

Lana X Aspen

th-Maddie X Icee

Maddie X Icee

th-Mempis Belle X Icee

Mempis Belle X Icee

th-Minnie X Icee

Minnie X Icee

th-Noah – Hoppie x Icee

Noah - Hoppie x Icee

th-Penny x Aspen

Penny x Aspen

th-Remi X Icee

Remi X Icee

th-Remi X Icee2

Remi X Icee

th-Remi X Icee3

Remi X Icee

th-Remi x Icee4

Remi X Icee

th-Taz – Penny and Aspen baby

Taz - Penny and Aspen

th-Tia X Rumbles

Tia X Rumbles

th-Trixie X Icee tiny male

Trixie X Icee tiny male

th-Trixie X Icee

Trixie X Icee

th-Trixie x Icee2

Trixie x Icee

th-Willow x Aspen

Willow x Aspen

th-Willow x Aspen2

Willow x Aspen

th-Willow x Aspen3

Willow x Aspen

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